Koret Task Force On K-12 Education

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Among a chaotic American society, there are certain matters such as education, global warming, and illegal immigration whose reformation should be at the top of the American agenda. As a result of declining progress in American schools, President George bush presented the No Child Left Behind Bill (NCLB) to congress in 2001. By 2002, the bill was signed into law. NCLB required each state to set standards in the subjects of math and reading that it's students (grades three through eight) must achieve as measured through an annual assesment test. An increase in spending on education allowed for the development of programs to implement these requirements. However in 2003, Hoover Institution's Koret Task Force on K-12 Education presented a…show more content…
America alone is responsible for twenty-five percent of the greenhouse gasses emitted globally. There is no current legislation to regulate factors contributing to global warming. However corporations such as Nike, Starbucks, and Levi Strauss, along with the BUSINESS for Innovative climate and energy policy (BICEP) are requesting strong legislation to create an economy based on "clean energy." Among these proposals are federal regulations that will require twenty percent of electricity to come from a renewable energy source by 2020. Also, the United Nations Kyoto Protocol has obligated thirty seven industrialized countries to reduce green house gas emissions considerably by…show more content…
The National Center for Atmospheric Research reports that if all signatories of the Kyoto Protocol met their green house reduction goal, the earth's temperature would only drop between .07 and .19 degrees celcius. Global warming is very real, and reguardless of the pace it which it occurs it's effects will eventually change our way of life. Legislation offering incentives to companies to set energy reduction goals would motivate them to discontinue their contributions to global warming. A law requiring the use of spray bottles rather than aerosol cans could drastically reduce the decomposition of the ozone layer, which would delay the increase in Earth's temperature. Also, efforts such as the Kyoto Protocol can make a significant difference. A small contribution to the effort is more efficient than no effort at

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