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Argumentative Essay To: Mr. Dotzko From: Jean-Marc Francois Due Date: December, 19/11 Child spanking is a huge issue in our world today and some people consider it abusing each other while others say it’s fair discipline. These opposing opinions have been going on for a while according to our law system there’s a fine line between abuse and child spanking but a lot of people say it’s bad parenting to spank children and shouldn’t be done. Child spanking is a fair way to discipline your children and is not abusive according to the Human Right Code. It’s an effective way to discipline children and get them into shape but it can be considered abuse because it causes a lot of increased aggressiveness in children. Child abusing and child spanking are two completely different things and I think that it’s just fine to discipline your children with spanks and that it’s not abusive. Spanking is an effective way to get children to change negative behavior such as delinquency. In a study mothers who combined reasoning with ill behavior they applied negative consequences to change the kid’s negative behaviour. Spanking is just a form of disciplining your child and the word discipline comes from the root word disciplinary which means to teach or instruct. Spanking helps to teach our kids right from wrong and what path they should follow, if the spanking is a negative treatment that stops them from doing things like, fighting, stealing, lying and any other negative behaviour that will make them not want to do it anymore. It will teach them that the consequences of that behaviour are good and they won’t do it anymore, so child spanking is not abusive it is teaching and instructing. Spanking long term consequences can cause increased aggressiveness in children which is what you would see in an abusive

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