Spanking vs Other Forms of Punishment Essay

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Spanking Vs. Other Forms of Punishment Christina Cole Ashland Community and Technical College Spanking Vs. Other Forms of Punishment There are many schools of thought when it comes to disciplining a child. There are extremists who are strongly against corporal punishment, and others who believe that spanking is the only way to get results with children. However, like anything in life, a happy medium is probably the way to go. Whatever you think is the best tool to use and whatever your opinion may be, the exploration of both ways of thinking is always fascinating. According to an article published in Time Magazine, spanking can be used as an appropriate form of child discipline. Dr. Jared Pingleton is a clinical psychologist and minister, he also acts as the director of the counseling for the Focus on Families organization. “ Though some contend that any form of physical punishment is child abuse, there is a giant chasm between mild spanking that is properly administered out of love, and an out of control adult venting their emotions physically onto a child.” (Time Magazine). The discipline, no matter what form you chose to use, must be administered properly to get the correct results. If you use the “talk and discuss” method and that turns into violent yelling and screaming, that turns from teaching a lesson into verbal abuse. “Timeout” can be viewed as child neglect when taken to extremes, and spanking can turn from a corrective action, into physical abuse. So, as we see any form of discipline must be administered in the correct manner or it can all be connected to abuse. Most experts have a breakdown as to what ages each form of discipline is effective. Pre-school is usually the age group that spanking is most widely accepted, and sometimes suggested, as the proper form of discipline. This is because most children this age do not respond well to

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