Is advertising to blame for childhood obesity

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Nowadays, children obesity has increased rapidly, and it has reached the epidemic level. Experts predict that 15% of children are overweight, and another 15% are at the risk of becoming overweight. Two-thirds of these overweight children will become overweight adults. (Henry, 2004) Who or what should be blamed for the rise in obesity? Should the parents who set a bad example be blamed? Should the schools which have reduced physical education lessons for having more academic learning be blamed? Should the video games that keep children inside and sitting for a long time be blamed? Should the fast food restaurants and their continuous advertisings which target at children be blamed? All of the above, and even that the whole society should be blamed. Advertising is not the only cause of the problem. The truth is everyone is responsible. People all need to work together to encourage a good, and healthy habit for the children, whether they are parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, siblings, mentors, etc. In recent years, the advertisings of junk food have been more common appearing on televisions, newspapers and magazines. They mainly targets to children. For example, McDonald’s often promotes its kids meal with a toy through its advertising. However, the meal includes high calories and high fats. These could cause the obesity. Although advertising is not the only cause of the rising obesity, it influences children deeply. Therefore, the pressure groups want to limit the junk food advertisings in order to avoid the obesity that could expand to the next generation. The influence of the children in a family is very strong, especially in the family which has only one child. They could persuade their parents to spend money, as their parents often give them what they want. Therefore, the children may become a main target market for the marketers. (Paul, 2004) Some
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