Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein Eagles Become Vultures

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Kimbrough1 Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein Eagles become Vultures The lives of Saddam Hussein and Adolph Hitler are devastating not only because of the destruction that these two men caused, but also because it could have been prevented if they had both looked in the past, seen what they were headed for, and the many different choices they could have made. Even though they ruled in two different periods in time and different countries there are striking similarities between these two men and the way they ran their countries into ruin. With their foreign policies, religious views, and the international response to these men. The first likeness lies in their foreign policies. Both of them had few allies and did not follow the guide line set for them by the leaders of other nations. When Hitler rose to power he ignored the boundaries that had been set on Germany as a result of World War I. Germany was not allowed to have an air force, but they could have a small navy, and an army of just 100,000 men. Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles; it did not allowed them to place any troops in their Rhineland a strip of land 50 miles wide next to France. In 1935 Hitler broke the Treaty of Versailles and resumed the draft. In complete violation of the treaty, Hitler invaded the Rhineland in 1936, claiming it was Germany's ancient homeland. Similarly in 1990, despite the Kimbrough2 warnings from countries like England, America, and other United Nations members, Saddam Hussein ordered the invaded Kuwait because he believed it was ancient land owned by Iraq. It had natural resources, and they had to escape a financial debt of 30 million dollars owed to Kuwait. Both men lied to the world community to satisfy them while they
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