Why War Did War Break Out In 1939?

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There were many important long-term factors which help us to understand why war broke out in 1939, only 21 years later from the end of the Great War, otherwise known as the war to end all wars. The first factor is the Treaty of Versailles. This was a peace settlement signed by the “Big Three” after World War One, but it bought anything but peace. Many people would agree that the treaty was too harsh on Germany, but this was exactly what George Clemenceau wanted. He wanted to cripple Germany so France would never feel threatened again. Adolf Hitler promised that if he became the leader of Germany then he would abolish the Treaty of Versailles, not just because it was unfair but because it was a constant reminder to them that they were defeated in the First World War. In 1933, Hitler broke one of the Terms of the Treaty by increasing Germany’s armed forces. By doing this reduced unemployment and helped to protect Germany from future attacks. Hitler got away with this because Britain had sympathy for Germany and in 1935 signed a naval agreement with them. France was angry that Germany was re-army but there was little they could do as most countries were doing the same, especially after the disappointment of the Disarmament conference.. The failure of the League of Nations in the 1930s also contributed towards the outbreak of war. It was powerless throughout the 1920s as it was more interested in trying to keep good relations with the other countries so it would have allies against Hitler if he ever attacked. The League also didn’t work because America didn’t join and it was the American President Woodrow Wilson who created it and it would never have worked unless all the nations were allowed to join. The failure of this organisation encouraged Hitler because he had witnessed how weak and inefficient it was. The Abyssinia Crisis is a good example of how the League
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