Addiction to Facebook Essay

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Addiction to Facebook Walker (2011) state that social networking sites such as Facebook has given people the facility to contact with other people within a few button. Hence, it makes people communicate with family members or friends around the global easily. People also can share their info on the profile (Jones & Soltren, 2005). Nowadays, people have been attracted by the Facebook and it becomes part of their life (Boyd & Ellison, 2007). Therefore, logging on the Facebook has become a way to fill in time and communicate with friends (Ronca, 2009). Therefore, addiction to Facebook has become a problem among people and it can be solved by self-controlling and the guide of parents. There will be a disadvantage of using Facebook which is addicted to it. Agreeing to the Gross & Acquisti (2006), they claimed the popularity and development of Facebook over the past five years has been colossal. On the other hand, how do we know we are addicted to Facebook? People who addicted to Facebook will open their phone when they wake up in the morning to see is there any notification on Facebook. If you do so, you are addicted to Facebook. Nowadays, people will spend much time facing the screen even a whole day and they will ignore their work or studies. As an example, the distractions are chatting with friends, reading updated status that posted by friends, and playing online game. These distractions see like don't spend too much time, but when you addicted in these 'activities', you will cannot stop in short time. In addition, addiction in Facebook will lead people to become ‘anti-social’ because face-to-face communication is decreased. The way of people communicate is already change nowadays. Paul (2013) argued that people rather e-mail than meeting them, we’d rather text than talk on the phone. The solution that can solve the addiction to Facebook is

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