Acids and Bases

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Problem: Which substances in your home are acids and which are bases? Hypothesis: I think the drinks are acids because you see bubbles in them, so I figure they are acids. I think the cleaners are bases because they are dangerous to eat and have a slippery feel. I think the household baking items are acidic because they are more edible. Finally, I think the condiments are acidic because they are edible. Materials: 1. pH paper 2. pH color grid-textbook 3. Vinegar 4. Baking Soda 5. Lemon Juice 6. Windex 7. Lysol 8. Bleach 9. Sprite 10. Water 11. Orange Juice 12. Ketchup 13. Mustard 14. Mayonnaise Item | pH number | ph Color | Vinegar | 3 | Red | Baking Soda | 8 | Dark Green | Lemon Juice | 2 | Red | Windex | 10 | Dark Green | Lysol | 9 | Green | Bleach | 12 | Dark Blue | Sprite | 4 | Red/Orange | Water | 7 | Yellow | Orange Juice | 4 | Red/Orange | Ketchup | 4 | Red/Orange | Mustard | 4 | Red/Orange | Mayonnaise | 4 | Red/Orange | Analysis: There are many acids and bases around. My house is mostly filled with acids though. The condiments, drinks, and some of the household baking items are acidic. The cleaners are all bases. One way an acid is different from a base is bases are slippery while acids are not. Also, some/most acids are ok to eat while most bases are not edible. The third was an acid is different from a base is an acid reacts with most metals and a base reacts with most oils and greases. The strongest acid that I tested in my house was the lemon juice. The strongest base was the bleach. Conclusion: My hypothesis was mostly correct because I just applied what I’m learning in school in my hypothesis. To improve my experiment I would be more careful with the ph strips and try not to bend them as much for the heavier things like

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