Academic vs General Language Essay

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Rewrite the following sentences in a formal style: 1. She said it wasn’t good enough. 2. I thought the lecture was terribly difficult to follow. 3. They’ve got to find out how to carry out a survey of old folks’ opinions of little kids. 4. The results were a lot better than I expected. 5. None of our other student friends knew the answer either. 6. He said: ‘It’s hell being on your own.’ Identify the incongruous elements in the following passages and then try to rewrite them in consistent language: 1. British trade-union leaders would appear to be amenable to reason. What they’re out for is an end to people getting sacked just like that. If they get treated O.K by British Coal, they will be prepared to enter into negotiations. 2. One of the world’s principal pharmaceutical companies for nearly a century, Glaube-Roche is a big European supplier of all sorts of stuff that protect and improve our daily lives. 3. Today I wanna discuss problems connected with thermodynamics, and I’m gonna present some new material which I trust will be of considerable interest to all the people at this conference. All the sentences below contain definite statements. Rewrite the sentences so that the statements are more cautious: 1. A survey has shown that lecturers use the terms ‘seminars’ and ‘tutorials’ interchangeably. 2. The rate of inflation will not increase this year. 3. Reading is effective when it has a particular purpose. 4. The answer to problems is found out in asking the right questions. 5. Countries disagree on the interpretation of democracy. The following passage is written in a mixed style with some colloquialisms and other inappropriate words. Rewrite it in an academic style with appropriate vocabulary, structures and cautious language. Research has shown that learners of English find writing the most difficult thing they’ve got to

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