Edmund Burke's Speech On Conciliation

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Essay on edmund burke speech on conciliation Reaction to Edmund Burke speech on conciliation with America, March 22, 1775 Michael W. Stewart History 322 Revolutionary America Ronald Wood August 4, 2009 Table of Contents Introduction 2 Essay 3 References 5 Essay Edmund Burke’s speech on conciliation with America really moved me. He had a good grasp of what the colonist’s were feeling and how the parliament was trying to force it’swill on them. Burke upon some sole searching, determined that “you would not reject a reasonable proposition because it had nothing but its reason to recommend it” (Burke, 1775, Speech on reconciliation with America pg 1). His most persuasive argument…show more content…
That man left to his institutions and placing himself above the will of the people, will surely lead to tyranny. Burke could very well (in my opinion) be talking to the politicians of today when he said he would sound wild and chimerical or that he was not in touch with reality, but that it was them the members of parliament that were “the profane herd of those vulgar and mechanical politicians” (Burke, 1775, Speech on reconciliation with America pg 2), that they have no place among the common people grappling with everyday reality in our pursuit of happiness. I was shocked that Burke would take this stance, given the animosity felt by parliament, the once thought to be friends of the American cause “the merchants of England” and the crown (grossly misinformed). I was pleasantly surprised at his ability to put the situation on a higher plain then just a gripe by the Americans don’t want to be taxed and pay their fair share, but to bring into the English mind that maybe they have lost touch with what previous generations or ancestors had accomplished in the English constitution, and putting the financial woes of the country aside and personal feelings about the Americans aside, that there might be a better way to conciliation with the
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