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1.What is BAC and how does it relate to driving a vehicle? BAC is blood alcohol concentration it relates by telling you how much of concentration of alcohol is in your body and if the level is too high then you are not allowed to drive. 2. Give two examples of how your intellect and judgment change as BAC increases. For example when you .02% then you are not able to do 2 tasks at the same time and another when you have 0.08% then you will lose your concentration. 3. Give two examples of how your emotions change as BAC increases. When you have 0.05% then you are more happy and 0.02% altered mood. 4. Give two examples of how your interaction with others is affected at BAC increases. When it’s 0.010% then you would have a very slurred speech…show more content…
6. Legally in most states, at what BAC are you considered DUI (or DWI)? Legally is considered you have to be 21 age and older with maximum of 0.08% to able to drive. 7. What would be 3 immediate consequences you would experience if you (a teenager) were arrested for DUI? Taken away driver license, jail time and you have to pay to the police. 8. What is the difference between “proof” and “percentage of alcohol?” (You might have to look on the web for this.) Proof is generally considered as yes you are drunk or not you are not and percentage you might have little percent of alcohol however you might not be drunk. 9. How much alcohol is in a 1.5 oz serving of a liquor that is 40 percent alcohol? 0.6 oz of alcohol serving is in that liquor shot. 10. If the liver breaks down about 0.4 oz of alcohol in one hour, how long will it take to rid the body of all the alcohol from the drink in #9? It will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes. 11. If a girl weighs 120 pounds and has three drinks in one hour, what will her BAC be? How will she be affected? Her BAC will be 0.011% she will be very drunk and not able to drive neither to comprehend
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