P1 - Describe Lifestyle Factors That Have an Effect on Health. Essay

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Facts and Effects of alcohol on your health, The Different types of drinkers; Binge Drinking - Binge drinking means 8 units for men, 6 for women and 5 for a young person in one session. Binge drinking increases risk of accidents, violent attacks, sexual assault and unsafe sex. If you are planning to drink above the recommended guidelines, follow the tips for sensible drinking, so that you reduce the risks you are taking. Heavy Drinker - Drinking over the sensible limit. 1/5 of the adult population fall into this category. Problem Drinker - When physical, psychological or social harm occurs through drinking 8% of Men and 4% of Women fall into this category. Dependant Drinker - For example when there is difficulty with control of drinking, experience of withdrawal symptoms when not drinking, increased tolerance to alcohol i.e. being able to consume more without getting drunk. 4.7% of the adult population are in this category. What are the recommended safe drinking limits? and what is a unit of alcohol? The British medical association and Department of health suggests; Men - less than 21 units a week/ less than 3-4 Units a day. Women - less than 14 units/ less than 2 to 3 units a day. ½ pint of ordinary strength beer or cider / small glass of wine / pub measure of spirits Number of people dying from excess alcohol in the UK; Each year 5,000 to 10,000 people die prematurely from alcohol abuse. The more alcohol a population consumes the more alcohol-related damage will result, and consumption has been increasing steadily in England since the second world war. Deaths from liver cirrhosis relate closely to heavy drinking. Deaths linked to cirrhosis and related diseases of the liver rose by 121% for men and 68% for women between 1980-82 and 2000, according to the Office for National Statistics. How many drinkers are in the UK and How this is affecting

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