Mothers Against Drunk Driver

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Running head: HISTORY OF MADD History of MADD Sandra Rubio BSHS/355 History of MADD MADD or Mothers Against Drunk Driving was founded by Candy Lightner in 1980, after her daughter was in a tragic accident caused by a drunk driver in which the girl lost her life. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers( MADD) is the largest non profitable organization that works to protect families from underage drinking and drunk driving in the nation. One goal of this organization was to reduce fatalities due to drunk driving by educating the nation of the devastation that drunk driving can cause. This organization also assists the victims of drunk driving accidents at no charge to them, and that is exactly what the mission and goal of the program is; "To aid…show more content…
MADD was supported by those individuals who had suffered the loss of a loved one due to a drunk driver and wanted a safer future. The goal of the program initially was to lower drunk driving traffic deaths and because of this organization there has been a high number of people that disapprove of others that drive while intoxicated. There is a dramatic drop in alcohol related deaths much due to the efforts of the MADD organization (Canada Safety Council 2003). The most significant problem in lowering drunk driving deaths consists of the most drastic alcoholic drivers who continuously drive with high concentration of alcohol in their blood stream. A Social Problem In America alone people take about two hundred and thirty three trips in cars each year, of all these, one out of two thousand of these trips are being taken by drunk or drugged individuals. Statistics show that one of three traffic tragedies involve drunk drivers. Approximately nine thousand eight hundred seventy eight people died in car crashes in the year 2011. Due to these high numbers it was determined that this was a social problem in which the whole nation should pay close attention…show more content…
One of those that were not happy were businesses that served or sold alcohol, because more Americans were beginning to drink at home rather than a bar or restaurant their businesses were being affected. There was also controversy about what kind of punishment to give offenders, as far as how much jail time for first, second and third time offenders. While some thought the jail time was excessive, to the survivors of those that had lost their lives in these accidents they did not seem like the punishment was harsh enough. Laws have also implemented that those driving under the influence now get their licenses revoked and pay high fines to have this

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