A: the Child Centred Approach

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A: The Child centred approach The Child centred approach is a practice that focuses on the child and their needs and looks closely at the child’s rights and responsibilities. To use this method in the environment it would take planning and observation to get a better understanding of how the methods used will benefit the children. In different settings children will begin to learn by picking different activities that they have an interest in, for example sand play and painting. Knowing this I will plan ahead and learn the children’s interests so that every child is involved in the activities and meets the curriculum. Additionally the child’s centred approach lets the children find their own learning styles and boosts the child’s confidence. Significantly enhancing their social and emotional growth ensuring children begin to gain high self-esteem with not just now but in the future, now that I know this I will encourage children to work independently and plan activities that involve problem solving. In different setting the adults have to take lead by organising different activities that will inspire the children to learn but in a safe environment. It is always key to remember that the child’s safety is paramount and everything else comes second. To successfully fur fill the requirements I as the adult will have to provide and make resources accessible so that I can interact with the children and observe and reflect on each of the child’s learning experiences. By doing this I will be able to see what the children enjoy doing and how I can keep the child’s attention and concentration. To use the child centred approach you will have to look at every child as an individual with different strengths learning styles and interests as well as adapting to children who have learning difficulties or disabilities, to achieve this I will have to research their

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