Philosophy of Early Childhood Education

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My philosophy on Early Childhood Education I believe as a teacher, I am responsible for providing young children with a positive learning experience. I strive to be a positive role model for the children left in my care, and in the community I serve. Children have the right to have their needs meet, to have a positive learning experience while in the care of their caregivers. Children learn what they live, and I have the opportunity while working with these children on a daily basis to teach them how to respect one another, by leading by example. You can teach them patients by showing them patients. Teach them how to wait their turn, and how to care for one another. I believe that at such a young age children are expected to learn so much so fast. So many children get left behind in our very structured system of education. Every child learns at a different pace, in different ways. I do believe that the process of learning should be not only educational by the point of the lesson. For example teaching the children to know their letter a there should not only be work sheets that go with learning that letter. There should be games, art, enrichments throughout every zone of our classrooms to help each child learn the letter A and the sound it makes, How to write it, what it sounds like, and what things start and sound like the letter A. Learning should be fun and interesting at the same time. When you have the children’s attention they will absorb so much more when they are actively involved in the learning proses. The end product of what the lesson was about will still be the same and as equally as important. We need to give the children every opportunity to learn and grow from the experience of learning. They will learn much more about themselves, their strengths and their weaknesses in
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