A Summer Tragedy

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“ A summer Tragedy” by Arna Bontemps uses great examples of foreshadowing to successfully entice Bontemps’s reader to figure out what is to come in “A Summer Tragedy”. To enhance the foreshadowing clues Bontemps’s also uses elements of characterization and imagery. Playing major roles of intrigue and interest; theses literary terms help the reader experience the impact one can receive from reading this short story. I felt as if I could relate to this story the most out of the other selections because of someone that I am very close to. This short story has reminded me of what my own mother is currently going through right now. She has lost everything from bankruptcy all the way to losing my step father to his affair with alcoholism. The feelings of loneliness and desperateness that I feel for my mother is what I experienced while reading this story. I feel as though my mother feels like there is no way out and could totally relate to Jennie and Jeff. I would love to fix everything for her but I know the only way is to keep going to school. That is her way out and assures her it will get better. I would not want what happened to that old couple to happen to my mother. Throughout the story Jeff and Jennie had many ailments such as blindness and frailness which leave them feeling helpless and weak. I see theses feeling also reflecting in my mother’s life as well. Foreshadowing clues that lead up to what happens in the end begin on page 54. “Old Jeff Patton, the black farmer, fumbled with his bow tie. His finger trembled and the high stiff collar pinched his throat. A fellow loses his hand for such vanities after thirty or forty years of simple life” This example, I feel is begging the question, what is really going for Mr. Patton to be trembling besides his old age? Trembling is a term used when someone is frightened or nervous. I think a word more like
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