The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

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In The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black, the characters that the readers could feel the most sympathy for are Pearl and Tana. Throughout the course of the novel these two characters must endure many challenges and heartbreaking experiences. The author makes it very easy for a reader to feel sympathetic towards these two characters in their various situations. First, one character the reader could feel the most sympathy for is Pearl, Tana’s younger sister. This is because as a young girl she watched her mother suffer through a sickness known as the Cold. She had to sit as a bystander knowing there is nothing she could do but listen to her mother scream and plead for help. “In the afternoons after school, between bouts of screaming, Tana’s mother would call for her, pleading, begging to be let out. […] And little Pearl would toddle up, crying too […] Make her stop, Pearl said” (Black 14). In turn this event began to eat at her father’s ability to stay present for his daughters, leaving only Tana to be there for Pearl. Years later, Tana has been given the Cold and Pearl is now left with no one there for her. This character is easy to sympathize with because she has gone through many hardships at a young age, and is left with no family to care for her Next, the author makes it so that the reader can easily sympathize with Tana. This is because Tana is used and attacked by her mother, who was unable to control her temptations. The Cold makes you thirsty for human blood and Tana’s mother manipulated her and appealed to her naivety by saying that she changed and was better. “It took thirty-four days before Tana broke and promised her mother that she’d help her get free. […] Her foot hesitated on the last step. Then something knocked her down. Tana remembered the way it felt, the endless burn of teeth on her skin” (Black 15). The reader finds it easy to
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