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Cindy Nino De Guzman Hendricks 5th period A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard Setting: The kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard occured on June 10th 1991 by her home in Tahoe,California. The setting later changes to Antioch, California where she was kept in a backyard compound by her captors for 18 years. The backyard compound was located on the property of her captor,Phillip Garrido's, mother. Main Characters: Jaycee Dugard-the victim who was kidnapped at the age of eleven from her neighborhood Carl Probyn- Jaycee's stepfather whom she talks about mostly at the begining of her novel.She resents him because he is always judging everything she does and often gets reprimanded for not doing it correctly Phillip Garrido- the man who abducted…show more content…
Phillip Garrido used Jaycee to satisfy his pedophilia and sexually abused her.Dugard had two children during her captivity who were teenagers by the time they were all found.As Jaycee got older the sexual abuse stopped.The Garridos kept Jaycee and her two daughters there for 18 years until Phillip was discovered by the police in 2009. This book is a memoir of her life in captivity and the slow but steady recovery she is presently going through. Conflict: The main conflict in her story was that she was away from her family whom she loved so much.She also faced other problems. For the first year she was help captive, she was kept in a room and was always alone.She repeatedly gets sexually abused by Phillip and has two daughters at a very young age. Her disturbing accounts of how cruel Phillip was when he made her perform sexual acts traumatized her possibly for life. Solution to Problem/Conflict: Garrido had been called in for questioning by his parole officer after being alerted by University of California-Berkeley campus security that Garrido was

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