Relativism And Morality On Rape

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Relativism and Morality on Rape Relativism and Morality on Rape As we all know rape is wrong. It is the violation of another person. Some cultures believe that rape is not a crime. It used to be said, often enough, that rape is not a sexual crime but a power crime (Goodman, 2010). I can relate to this subject because my daughter was a victim of rape, at the hands of her step dad. He was the type of person who always wanted control of everything and everyone around him. I did not realize that rape was a power crime until after I went through this hard time in my life and my kids lives. It all started when I was twenty years old and was introduced to a man that was seven years older than me. He had been married before, and had three children of his own. I had a three year old daughter. He was charming at this point, and to make a long story short we were married six months later. Later that year we were awarded custody of his three children, which I took in as my own, along with my daughter. I did notice that early on he had a special bond with my daughter but never gave it a second thought. I found out later that he had been grooming my daughter from the first day he had met her. He groomed her until she was eight years old and then began to molest her. At twelve she had been raped for the first time. I still had no idea that this was going on. It wasn’t until my daughter turned twenty years old that I found out what had been going on throughout the years. . I left my husband when I found this out. She had moved out and he begun to lose control of her, and he started freaking out. He had begun to lose his power over her. Now back to the how rape is a power crime. It has been said that a person who rapes someone is a control freak of sorts. I can recall my ex being a controlling person, but never expected he was one who could rape a child. I am not

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