Helping Lost Child

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Task 1. Case Study 15: Helping a Child’ regain self-worth This essay will focus on a case study, Helping a ‘Lost Child’ regain self-worth. There are a number of complexities within this case study that have to be addressed. However this essay will explore issues that consider support for David; analysis and consider the complex interplay of variables that shape the social work role and task. Critically explore and apply the values, ethics & diversity underpinning professional social work practice and how this can provide a rationale for professional decision making. The Assessment process, legalities and the obligations professionals have when caring for a vulnerable individual such as David will be analysed and discussed. The case study is centred on a 12 year old boy ‘peter’ who had been taken into care with his younger sister jane five years ago following the death of his mother, who died of a drug overdose. His father had died in the same way several years prior. David came from a troubled background moving from squat to squat and had witnessed his mother, Moira, being physically and sexually abused. David’s mother turned to prostitution in order to pay for her drug addiction. pter sister was also sold for sex to pay for Moira’s drugs. David and his sister became’ lost children’ and severely neglected, often starved and physically beaten. After the death of his mother, Social Services stepped in, unfortunately, efforts to keep the siblings together, was thwarted due to David’s challenging behaviour including his sexually harmful behaviours. David was sent to a children’s home and his sister was fostered. Shortly after, David’s sister committed suicide and David was moved to a psychiatric care facility. David has experienced horrific trauma and has had little stability or continuity in his life, which has left him with deep rooted psychological
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