Ethical Decision Reflection

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Ethical Decision Reflection An ethical decision is when a decision is made using personal values of right and wrong. The following is a reflection of an ethical decision I once made. I believe it represents my values in the best possible way. As a child, I was raised in foster care off and on from the age of three. At the age of nine I was placed in a permanent home; remaining there until the age of eighteen, when I aged out. My foster father molested me for four of the eighteen years that I resided in the home. When I was fifteen I told my foster mother of the abuse. Although the abuse stopped I was made to feel like if I told anyone it would be my fault our “family “was broken up. I kept my secret only revealing it to my husband after we had been together for three years. One day when I was about thirty-three, I drove past my former foster home and I say my foster father standing on the porch with a very young girl. They were facing one another and the girl was looking up at him. The sight made my stomach lurch. I wanted to dash to the girl and grab her up, and running far away from him. I had to remain calm because I had my own two daughters in the car with me. For two days I could not get the image of the two of them out of my head. I thought long and hard about what I should do, discussing it with my husband. He comforted me by saying he would stand by whatever decision I made. I contacted child protective services and they told me I had to make a report to the police about what had happened to me, so I did. To make a long story short, the children that were currently in the home were removed pronto. Charges have been filed on my behalf and for another girl that actually lived in the home the same time as me. He has four charges against him. His trial date will be on November 18th of this year, if it is not rescheduled again. I will be testifying at his

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