My Mothers Beauty: A Mother's Beauty

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A Mother’s Beauty Out of all the beautiful women I’ve known, no one compares to this woman, my mother, Nyoua Lee. My mother possesses beauty through her black long hairs, round face, her courage, and her heart. She is a warm-hearted woman who never expects anything in return. Looking into her eyes, you can see a beautiful soul. Her almond shaped eyes are always bright and cheerful. However, those eyes can be so fierce at times. She has this look, which I refer to as the “death stare.” The “death stare” can make anyone break down. My mother knows when you’re lying, and she will make you speak the truth. My mother’s wrinkles do not detract from her beauty. With every wrinkle comes a story. Some of those stories are about me who, as a child, who caused her so much stress, some other…show more content…
My mother stands up for not only herself, but for everyone around her. She fights for what’s right and makes sure her voice is heard. She is a strong woman who is never underestimated. She has and will continue to spend her life protecting me and my siblings, no matter what the circumstances may be. A mother’s heart is best when seen throughout the years of life. I can say that my mother’s heart is the most beautiful thing. It’s filled with so much color, unconditional love, and words of wisdom. As a child, I may not have understood her love, but I always knew it was there. My mother’s heart never gives up and she lives for helping others. Her love is special and grows sweeter with every passing year. Every year it saddens me to see her age, but I realize that it means we have shared another year with each other and gained lifelong memories. As she ages, her physical features changes. These changes make her prettier and more graceful. My mother’s courage is an undeniable trait that every mother has. My mother’s heart shall live forever in her children’s lovely

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