A Comparison of the Rorschach and Myers-Briggs Assessments

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A comparison of the Rorschach and Myers-Briggs Assessments submitted to: Dr. Lu Ezekanaga PY525 Abstract This paper was designed to evaluate two different assessments used in the process of personality assessment. The assessments that will be compared and contrasted in this paper are the Myers-Brigg and the Rorschach. Both tests have been used widely in the field of personality assessment. However, there are some positives and negatives to using one assessment over the other depending on what aspect of personality is being assessed. This paper will discuss the beneficial and non-beneficial aspects of both assessments. Throughout my studies into personality assessment and the varied assessments used I began to understand that individuals have made informal personality assessments from the beginning of time. However, scientifically speaking personality assessment has been in existence for ab out the past 100 years. As an adaptive human activity, effective personality appraisal has clear survival value for our species (Buss, 1991). When beginning the study of personality assessment and gain understanding it is necessary that the background of personality assessment psychology is understood. Furthermore, personality assessment is primarily concerned with individual differences displayed by people. There is such diversity represented on this earth that is is an absolutely necessary to include that in the study of personality. Clearly, factors like sex, age,and ethnic background are determining factors in the development of personality. Moreover, when assessing an individual it is extremely important that particular environmental influences that come from belonging to a particular ethnic group are considered. For example, here in the United States certain minority ethnic groups have experienced
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