A Beautiful Morning Essay

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Narrative Essay The Beautiful Morning School time is the moment that everyone cannot forget. So do I. I have many experiences in the school time that I cannot forget. One of them is the story in the beautiful morning. It is one of my embarrassing story when I still busy with the school in the second year of High School. That day was really hard day. The lessons at the day were physics, chemistry and English. I could not understand well in physics and the teacher always gave homework. In the afternoon, I was in the way to go home and I met my old friend. Have to talk with her for minutes although I am very tired. After arrived home, I have lunch and do Zhuhur pray. Because of tired, I did not do my homework. I feel sleepy and fall asleep. When I wake up, I found it was 6 in next day morning. I was really shock because that day there was physics lesson again and I did not make the homework yet. Beside that, the class began on 6.45 am and I at the time it was 6.10 am. I took a bath quickly and got dress. I saw that everybody in my home look at me quizzically but I ignored them. The most important thing for me at the time was go to school and not be late. When I finished getting dress, I went to the dining room to have breakfast. Once again, I feel strange in the home. While I was eating, my other asked me why I have got dress. I answered that I am going to school, it was 6.30 am. She looked confused and after that laughed. I wondered why she did it to her daughter. Before I ask, I heard the magrib azan from the mosque. I was so shy at the time and did not know what to do. Because it was not 6.30 am but 6.30 pm. I can forget that moment. That was the embarrassing moment in my school time. I can forget that moment until this time. It reminds me that I am not a careful person but I have to be more careful

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