Satire On Homework

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Are you tired? Stressed? Physically or mentally exhausted? Students around the globe are feeling the exact same way as you! Every ones talking about cranky teens when in reality we are just over stressed and not getting enough sleep. These days it seems like teachers are having competitions with each other to see who can give the most homework therefore; students are having a hard time doing extracurricular activities and balancing homework all in one night. All of these issues have one cause to blame and that my friend is homework. And that is why as students, we believe that homework should be abolished. Life of a student is a very stressful one, as you drag yourself to school around 7:40 you desperately try to find friends that have completed a large sum of the mound of homework we were given the day before. Everyone lines themselves in the hallways trying to urgently scribble down answers. It comes to a point when you don’t even care if they are right or wrong as long as there is something there. The bell becomes your enemy, it is the sound of, “your screwed, ” blaring through your ears. Everybody…show more content…
I know that in my life homework plays a huge determining role in each of these. Eating healthy takes time, and you can’t just be anywhere to achieve it. It is a lot harder than just eating out, or getting something real quick to go. When you are doing homework, especially if you have a lot of it, you get hungry you are going to want to eat something that is quick and easy therefore; you have more time to do your homework. Stress, healthy food, and sleep are like a triangle. If you don’t have enough on one side it affects the other sides as well. So say you are stressing, you are not going to be able to sleep very well. You will continue to stress about the matter, no matter how hard you try not
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