Synthesis Essay On Slavery

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Slavery and putting those less unfortunate in bondage is probably the most oppressive quality of human nature. Slavery has been in existence since the beginning of man and remains a shameful part of our country's history. Ever since we first landed on this continent almost four hundred years ago we have been enslaving cultures that we have been able to take advantage of. In the later part of our country's history we enslaved hundreds if not thousands of African Americans, not including the Indians which would probably go into the millions of the ones that we did not kill. As a result of slavery we have missed out on many great minds that will never be known. An example of one of the great minds that we were fortunate to experience right out…show more content…
While living in Malden Booker's mother noticing Booker's great interest in learning how to read gave him an old Webster's "Blue Black" Spelling book. Booker used this book to teach himself how to read during his breaks from the salt mining job. During the time he was working in the mines an all black school opened up a couple of miles away. Booker after much debate finally convinced his parents to let him attend it. Unfortunately there were conflicts with his work schedule and he was often late to class. Booker later Got out of his mining job and became a servant to an old woman named Mrs. Ruffiner. While working for Mrs. Ruffiner he learned a hard work ethic that stayed with him for the rest of his life and became sort of a trademark to his life. During his servant hood he was accepted to the Hampton institute, which was a school, set up to teach young blacks after the Civil War. When Booker finally got there he only had 1.50 in his pocket and had to work as a janitor to work off his tuition. His work at the institute was very difficult and the hours where extremely tiring. But Booker enjoyed this challenge and believed that it would better his life. In 1875 Booker Graduated from Hampton and impressed the principle General Armstrong with his

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