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Chapter 1: Exercises 1-5 (p. 16) 1. What is structured and unstructured data? Research the challenges of storing and managing unstructured data. Structured data is data that is stored in such a way as to be easily organized, accessible and managed, usually in a database with rows and columns, whereas unstructured data is the exact opposite and is information that can’t be easily classified and search together, it could be everything from different file formats for pictures to individual lines of code. The challenge of storing and managing unstructured data comes from the fact that it is unstructured. It is inherently resistant to search, classification, and organization. This makes it much harder to turn the data into information. Some of the tools with which unstructured data can be utilized include data mining, pattern analysis, and meta-data creation/analysis. 2. Discuss the benefits of information-centric storage architecture over server-centric storage architecture. With server-centric storage information was restricted to only those with access to that individual server, so different departments could have massive duplicates of the same data. This also meant that in the event of upgrades or system failures the entire system would be down and could potentially lose data. With an information-centric storage system the information can be shared amongst different departments and areas and also helps to prevent duplication, while providing better redundancy and reliability with dynamic systems that can be repaired and upgraded without the downtime on a server-centric storage system. 3. What are the attributes of big data? Research and prepare a presentation on big data analytics. Big data is any data that isn’t able to be handled by commonly accepted methods of data processing, whether it is database management systems, processing and search
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