David Mccandless Billion Dollar-O-Gram

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Information Graphics and Data Visualization, though certainly not new techniques, are compelling in the information they can represent. Today, though, these infographics are far more complex with the use of computer technology. Due to their versatility, infographics are a very useful way of presenting statistics compellingly. This is well presented in McCandless' presentation of his 'Billion Dollar-O-Gram.' This shows a clear visualization of differentials in monies spent on various items and their relationships to each other. Statistical numbers can make little, if any, sense to people and it can be hard to have a clear idea of what the actual raw data shows. By illustrating the data using colorful, interesting graphics it can give people a more clear sense of the meaning of the data. There are no limitations on how an infographic can look...being only limited by the creativity of the designer. Providing an audience with this type of…show more content…
Duarte's choice of colors used to highlight portions of certain types of language in MLK's speech, make this infographic a beautiful work of art! In addition to David McCandless' work, Hans Rosling, a professor of global health at Sweden's Karolinska Institute, has incorporated data visualization with 'infomotion' providing his audience the ability to see movement of the information within the infographic and what Rosling calls 'unveiling the beauty of statistical time series by converting boring numbers into enjoyable, animated and interactive graphics'. . http://www.gapminder.org Below is a beautiful infographic done by Lemongraphic. This graphic shows data of a 37 minute bus ride broken down to record the time of each stop, stop number, and the number and type of passenger who boarded. The second infographic is a creative rendering of the 'family tree' showing the relationship between what parents say and what children
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