Prg 211 Procedural Programming Fundamentals

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Programming Fundamentals PRG/ 211 Programming Fundamentals Procedural programming modules are lines of code that are grouped into procedures. One line jumps to another and onto another. This sequence of events produces an end product when the procedures end. Objects are often encapsulated. Encapsulation refers to the combining of data and method in one package (Heartin, 2014). The contents of an object are encapsulated just as a drug pill is encapsulated. The milligram quantity of medication, the type of medication, and what the medication does. The procedure module may call upon some data, however, the particular line of code has to jump onto another line in order to complete a process. The object might not have to do this because…show more content…
Compared to object oriented languages they are more orderly than object oriented languages. Object oriented languages can be abstract in nature. Object oriented programming has its own problems with encapsulation. If the code is hidden from a programmer trying to use or modify the encapsulated code, then the code is essentially useless (Mansfield, 2014). Even if encapsulation creates some security, it might secure the programmer against making changes. The advantage of the creation of an object is that it can be easily reused for purposes other than what it was created to go with since it is not a stand-alone program (Gaddis, 2010, p. 505).These objects can be passed from one programmer to another to work on varieties of applications and still retain their inherent functionality. The encapsulation of this object protects it when it is used by the other application as well. This enhances the security of the object and it maintains its integrity. Object oriented languages deal with the creation of classes that serve as outlines for the creation of objects. Objects are just instances of classes. There are common characteristics within a class of objects. The objects have variances among them as

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