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ITT Technical Institute ITT Technical Institute Nathaniel Anderson Nathaniel Anderson Unit 8 Short Answer 4.1 Unit 8 Short Answer 4.1 Title: Differentiating Between File Systems Differentiate between File Allocation Table (FAT) 32 and New Technology File System (NFTS). The differences between FAT32 and NFTS is that NFTS is more robust and effective simple because of its advanced features and functionalities. FAT, in general, comprises of overly simplistic data structures, hence making operations more time consuming. NFTS functionalities are far more-over powering since it makes use of advanced data structures to improve reliability, disk space utilization and overall performance. * When it comes to large USB flash drives, the FAT32 file system is the intended primarily used. The reason that FAT is used is because FAT can be used on both operating systems, Windows and iOS, and NFTS cannot be used on non-window systems. * Which file system provides support for larger hard drives and better security in the form of encryption and permissions that restrict access by unauthorized users? NFTS is the required file system for large hard drives, because you are able to give it better security than the FAT. With FAT and if you are using Windows 7 then your files can be read unlike the NTFS. * Why FAT32 is preferred over NTFS file system? FAT is an old file system that is very simple, well-documented, readable from a large numbers of OSs, and supported by a wide range of tools. However, NTFS is a newer file system that is feature rich and undocumented at the raw bytes level, and even can change at any time even with service

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