3.04 Goal Setting

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3.04 Goal Setting 1. Identify your goal: I would like to run a 5K without stopping by my junior year in high school. 2. Analyze where you are now: I am 15 and a sophomore in high school. I know how to stretch properly before running. I am currently able to run a 5K with 6 walking breaks if I time my running correctly. I need to increase my knowledge of running technique. 3. Benefits of your goal: I will be able to run 5Ks with my aunt and with my friends at Disney! I will be more fit and my endurance will be enhanced. Not only will I be proud of myself, but my family will be too! 4. Obstacles: During the school year I am extremely busy with volunteering and AP work. I will be having foot surgery in late November and late December because I have Accessory Navicular Syndrome in both feet. Therefore, I will be in a boot for 6 weeks. I am so mentally overwhelmed that sometimes I forget about my goal. 5. Knowledge you need: I will need to understand how to breathe properly, how to run at an acceptable speed, and how to stretch properly before I run. 6. Action plan: First, I need to research and understand running and endurance techniques. Next, I will need to map out my surgery recovery so that I can start practicing. After my recovery, I will start running more and more and gradually approach a 5K. 7. Timeline: * September 2-November 15, 2013: RESEARCH AND TEST RUNNING TECHNIQUES. * December 15 – day before surgery, 2013: Walk everyday to exercise left foot (November surgery is on the left foot). * January 15, 2014: Start walking again * January 23, 2014: Start running again. * February 14, 2014: Run the Valentines’ Day 5K 8. Reaching your goal: Make a schedule/ checklist and follow it. Make adjustments and
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