Public Services Unit 5 P3/M2 Essay

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Unit 5 |P3/M2| undertake a fitness activity record and identify the short term effects of exercise on the major body system- state long term effects on the body systems. Introduction. Our Year 13 class under took a test day, where we tested our strengths in multiple physical activities, later recording them. They are presented below. Describe activity We participated in multiple activities, such as 2x 25 metres shuttle run, Illinois agility run, press ups, and sit ups tests in one minute time. 2x 25 metres shuttle run: This activity to complete took me around 1 minute and 44 seconds. When teacher started the time count I had to run from the starting position to nearby 1st checkpoint, which was around 4 metres away, when reached, I had to momentarily change my direction and run back to beginning, when at the beginning I ran to the 2nd checkpoint which was in the middle of field around 7,5 metres away, when reached I immediately changed my direction and went back to starting position, from where I ran to the 3rd checkpoint which was around 9,5 metres away, when reached it I had to immediately change my direction and went back to the starting position, from where I had to run to the 4th checkpoint which was full pitch length, when reached I changed my direction and returned to starting position, I had to repeat this one more time. My time at the finish was 1.44 Minutes. Illinois agility run: We had to start from two cone start point, where I had to sit down facing opposite direction of the cone course. When teacher starting countdown I had to run as quick as I could to reach cone nr 1 which was 7,5 metres away, reaching it I had to completely change my direction from straight up standing tall to bent and short stepped, and run to the cone nr 2 which was about 6 metres away, I had to change my direction by 65 degrees, when I reached cone nr

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