1984 Essay

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Novel Assignments #1 and #2 Choose two of the following assignments. Hand them into the Dropboxes for Novel Assignments #1 and #2. Length: 3-4 double spaced pages each. In working on two of the assignments you will work closely with topics that require a close reading of the text. You will be evaluated on your introduction and thesis, the body paragraphs in which you argue your claims, and the concluding paragraph. You will also be expected to use the novel as a source, and cite in proper MLA format. A) Julia and Winston Write a formal literary essay considering Julia and Winston as complementary characters. Discuss how they differ in terms of their morality and ethical views, their feelings about history, and their political values. Take care to illustrate your arguments with quotations from the text. Only use the novel as a source. No outside sources will be accepted. B) Symbols The novel contains symbols, motifs and images that function in a limited way because they appear only infrequently. In a formal literary essay, comment on the importance symbolically of the following symbols/motifs: rats, the coral paperweight, songs, and the “discoloured patch over Smith’s ankle.” Take care to develop an over-arching theme as to how these symbols are being used. Then, discuss each item and its possible significance. Only use the novel as a source. No outside sources will be accepted. C) Dover Beach Read Matthew Arnold’s poem “Dover Beach” and think about the context for the poem. Do a little online research on the poem in order to understand its background. Then, relate the poem to the novel by showing how Orwell might have used the poem as a stimulus for writing the novel. Use proper formal literary essay format. Sources available – the novel, the original “Dover Beach” poem, one reputable online or database source for
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