Of Mice And Men Marginalized Analysis

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For this assignment, you will be writing a formal literary essay based on this statement: Show how three different characters in the novel Of Mice and Men are marginalized* from society for different reasons (ex. racism, ageism, sexism, socio-economic status, physical or intellectual challenges) and how they suffer as a result. *marginalized = placed or kept to the outside, disadvantaged, or discriminated against. BRAINSTORMING ORGANIZER Name: ________________ Mark: ____/10 Fill out the chart below to organize ideas for your essay. These will eventually help you to create your body paragraphs. |Character |How or why s/he is Marginalized |How this affects him/her |Quote a line from the novel for…show more content…
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• Quotation (p.179): “Is this life? Is this fantasy?” ( Famous song lyrics, books or speeches are quoted to provide a familiar or impressive starting-point for the reader. Sentence 2: Introduce Source and Topic In this case, identify the _____________ and _________________ of your __________. Also, mention the topic of the essay: ______________________________. Sentences 3 & 4: Your Thesis Statement should introduce … • An Opinion or Argument • Supporting Points/Examples (to be discussed further in the body paragraphs) Sample Introduction: Black people should be shot; mentally handicapped people should be jailed; and girls should not be allowed to climb trees. In Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, this kind of discrimination is an everyday reality for many characters. In particular, Tom Robinson, Arthur Radley, and Jean Louise Finch are treated unfairly on the basis of race, psychological exceptionalities, and gender. The novel emphasizes how people often suffer needlessly from the thoughtless discrimination of

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