The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Rhetorical Analysis

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Flow Chart for Revising YourEssay #3 Questions: Yes/No? Revision strategy follows each question. Introduction and Thesis: Does your introduction immediately invite your reader to engage with the novel or story and critical essay with you? Explain. If no, then: Cut any tangential information that doesn’t get right to the subject and framing question for the short story "Omelas" or provide a good introduction to the graphic novel, Persepolis. For example, after reading your introduction, your reader should have a good idea about the kind of novel Persepolis is and what particular aspect you are going to focus your analysis on. Similarly, if you are writing about "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas," your intro should frame the essay and offer a context based on…show more content…
For space: e.g., to the right of the house, etc. Your Interpretation of the Persepolis or "Omelas" How does your analysis of the book or story “add up”?Have you made interpretations of the novel or realizations that are worthy of writing about? Will your reader learn something by the end of your essay? What specifically do you hope the reader will learn from your essay? If no, then: You might have to brainstorm and free write at this point. Why is this important? Why might this memoir be a useful tool for readers? What is the author able to open our eyes to or teach us by the end? If you still can’t answer this question, you will need to reconsider your subject! Conclusion When you come to the end of your essay, do you provide an overview of where you have taken your reader? Do you restate your main points and provide the reader with something to think about once they’ve put your essay away? Explain your approach and summarize your conclusion

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