Maestro Peter Goldsworthy Analysis

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ENGLISH – LEVEL 3 90721 Respond critically to written text(s) studied Question A novel usually depicts the journey of a character or characters. To what extent do you agree with this view? Your response should include close reference to a novel (or novels) you have studied. Text Type: Novel Novel Title: MAESTRO Author(s)/website(s): PETER GOLDSWORTHY Ignorance to realisation, adolescence to adulthood and dreams to reality are all journeys that Peter Goldsworthy explores in his novel, “Maestro”. Through the use of passage we see how Peter Goldsworthy takes Paul on these journeys to make important realisations about humans, ideas and himself. Adolescence to adulthood is a journey Goldsworthy depicted and takes Paul on to make important realisations and developments. As Paul is an adult looking back on himself as an adolescent we can get insight into how he has changed and learned from the mistakes he has made. When we first meet Paul he is arrogant and self-righteous. This is shown when he first meets Keller and thought that he had not dressed up to meet me”. The adult Paul then tells us that he “was arrogant enough to think so”. This shows us how the adult Paul acknowledges that he thought too much of himself as an adolescent, and that as an…show more content…
We can see the journey that Paul is on and relate it to our own which is a significant feature of the novel. In conclusion, a novel can be considered a journey which is emphasized in Goldsworthy’s rites of passage novel “Maestro”. Through Paul, we can see the journey of ignorance to realisations, adolescence to adulthood and dreams to reality, and even apply these journeys to ourselves which makes them a significant and important feature in this novel. Overall Level of Performance: ACHIEVEMENT WITH
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