1800 Wedding Dress

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1800 Wedding Dresses, -The wedding dress has always been important for every woman at any time of history, and no matter their economical position, they always tried to do their best to look perfect and beautiful that day. Here we are going to see some aspects of the rich class woman’s dress, and also de poor class woman’s dress, and how they did around the 1800 to make their own dresses, as we know at that time fabrics still didn’t exist. Princesses always tried to look even richer at her weddings, having into account that was their Special day. To this end they used as much material as they possibly could, of the most costly, like velvet, damask silk, satin, fur and fabrics woven with gold and silver thread. What’s more, the sleeves of these dresses would sweep the floor, and colours would be rich too. Only the wealthy could afford expensive red, purple and true black dyes, which were much harder to acquire than natural vegetable-based shades. Additionally, the dress would be sewn with precious gems like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and pearls, so the bride would glitter and flash in the sunlight. A noblewoman would also do her best with gems and fur trimmings. A well-to-do middle class woman would aspire to velvet or silk fabrics, and because she could not usually afford mink or sable, she would wear fox, or rabbit fur to impress her friends. On the other hand, the poor bride's dress would be of linen, or fine wool, instead of the usual coarse homespun, and she would use as much fabric as she could. For brides of the lower classes, an extremely common shade of wedding gown was grey, because it was such a useful colour to re-use as Sunday best, being considered
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