A Womans First Date

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A first date is very nerve wracking. A woman probably spends about 2-3 hours getting ready and countless hours wondering if things will go the way they should. There are so many things to consider when going out with someone for the first time for a woman it starts as early as when she is asked on the date. To begin she must be dressed appropriately, have the right mind set, and has to know how she is going to handle herself and engage in a conversation. For any woman getting ready on a daily basis is a process, and that process gets much longer when she knows she is going on a first date. It begins in the shower where she uses a fragrant soap, and that smell good rhythm is continued outside of the shower as she applies lotion and perfume. Next she moves to her bedroom where she picks out the perfect outfit; of course it depends on the type of date. If she is going hiking she will obviously not wear high heels and likewise if she is going dancing there will be no boots involved. Most women feel more beautiful in high heels than boots, so she will probably wear something that fits her heels. After she has picked out the perfect “marry me” outfit she will move back to the bathroom and begin the daunting task of putting on her face (make up) and doing her hair. This can take upwards of 2 hours to accomplish. She has to make sure that every hair is perfect and every imperfection is covered. This needs a certain finesse to achieve; her mind set is very important here. Being in the right mood for a date is a must. For women it begins with doing the things that make her feel beautiful like nice clothes, pretty make up, and prefect hair. A lot of times she will have her best friends around her telling her how great this new guy will be. Letting her know that in no way does her butt look lumpy and that her pimple is not noticeable. These friends will be playing a

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