The Character Analysis of Mathilde Loisel and Louise Mallard

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Amber Tims Professor Cobbs English Composition and Rhetoric II/ Section 102/108 February 2, 2013 The Character Analysis of Mathilde Loisel and Louise Mallard In the events that transpire within the lives of Mathilde Loisel in Guy de Maupassant’s “The Necklace” and Louise Mallard in Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour,” the two undergo much change. They were described as women trapped in lives that cause them envy and despair. Loisel as well as Mrs. Mallard struggle with their own selfish desires, their lack of empathy, and the fate of life. As the events were revealed, the change, growth and development of these two characters become apparent. In response to those events, their actions caused them further grief, resulting in a life of turmoil and death. Mathilde Loisel “was one of those pretty and charming girls” (Maupassant 38) born into a family of clerks. She wasn’t an extravagant dresser but her beauty was enough to catch even the richest mans attention. She was very discontent with her position in life and felt as if she deserved the finer things. She would daydream of fancy dinners, shinning silverware and delicate furniture. Her desire for wealth is so strong that she can’t even visit her wealthy friend Madame Foresteir without being overwhelmed with jealousy. There was only one time where she was truly happy and that is when she had on a dress that her husband purchased and a diamond necklace that she borrowed from her friend, Mrs. Forestier. Her happiness was short-lived when she and her husband had to spend the next 10 years paying for the necklace that she had lost that night. What use to be a very poise and gentle women had “become the women of impoverished households- strong and hard and rough” (Maupassant 42). Loisel was completely oblivious to the luxuries that her life already provided. She was not rich but she
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