Analysis Rages of Mrs. Torrens by Olga Masters

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The story the Rages of Mrs. Torrens was very spirited and empowering for women. Although she did clearly have a mental disease, and her behavior from time to time was unacceptable, but she lived live the way she wanted, and didn’t allow her community to decide what is ok and what is not. When the others would drive to the beach, she would take her family and picnic along the bank of the river. They didn’t have the money to drive far away just for a picnic, most people would just call their losses, not her she took her family, and didn’t care when people would drive by. People always feel superior when the put others down, and the easier the target the easier it is to put people down. Her flamboyant ways gives the town who have nothing better to do , something to talk about. The Cleary family is a prime example. “How many stories have you got Dad, on Raging Torrents?” asks the little Cleary boy to his dad while he was doing homework. Without fresh stories of Mrs. Torrens he is bored and unexcited. Like the Geraniums Kathleen Torrens has flair, and personality. They poke fun at her but secretly wished their wives were more like her, “seizing their wives for love-making held onto the visions of Mrs. Torrens.. As she walked the fence.” The towns opinion is that she is crazy, which we can tell she clearly is. “momma can’t drive properly when you do that” is an indication the children also know. She is also in many way superior to the other men’s wives. She has a drivers license, in a time when most women didn’t. Her mental disease is completely manageable. The small town gossip has maximizing effect on her instability because her paranoia that people are mocking her is validated and magnified. Her relationship though is much stronger and envied by others. “Mrs. Cleary pulled down her mouth at most things Thomas said. They no longer shared anything.”

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