10 Reason Why Abortion Is Evil And Not A Pro-Choice

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Article Rebuttal Allen Parker XBCOM/275 10/12/2014 Tiffany Bostic Article Rebuttal In this article about “10 Reason why abortion is evil & not a Pro-choice. The authors show great deal of bias to support their cause. The facts I feel did not look at why people choose to have abortion but that it is a sin and is against God. Women today choices these options as a last resort not something that is done without great deal of thought. They do not look at the reason why some women had suffer from rape, abuse or in some case it is the suggestion of doctors because of complication from birth defect. This articles goes to the extreme that compare abortion to that of what happen to millions of Jews following Hitler orders. The article at…show more content…
That's 155 babies per hour. About 1 every 24 seconds. This information I feel I used to make the reader mad but it still do not state the reason why these abortion probably because the authors only care about getting their message across no matter what. It do not look at the girl that was rape or pregnant by her father. The happy couple that found out that if they was to deliver they child will have a 90 percent chance of surviving or will days in days after birth. This is the hardest decision I feel any female have to make yes there can be abuse of any system but I feel that this article is to sadden a person without much proof. The article have no type of credulity of how they receive their information and the reference that are use are from source that are bias to their cause or taken out of context. This article gives the audience a false dilemma and also slippery slope with their words and it is a shame that do not show why abortion take place as I stated before. Abortion might be a sin to other but everyone do not worship the same God what right for some might not be right for

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