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1.03 Scenario 1 . PART 1 Q.) Describe why the investigation above is not adequate to explain which airplane feature caused Tyrone’s airplane to fly farther than Valerie’s. A.) The investigation did not tell the features of Tyrone's airplane. Q.) Using what Tyrone and Valerie have already observed, suggest a possible hypothesis regarding one feature of a paper airplane. Identify the independent and dependent variables. A.) Short planes with long wings fly further than long planes with short wings. Q.) Describe, in detail, a procedure to test your hypothesis. Identify the controlled variables. A.) Make two airplanes. One small with long wings and one long with short wings. Have two people fly it and see which plane goes the furthest, making sure to match the same amount of force used to throw the planes. Then, have one person to throw both planes and see if the results match, using the same force. Then switch persons and repeat. The controlled variable would be the how hard the plane was thrown. PART 2 Purpose: In this experiment I would like to see if the color of a bedroom affects the amount of sleep. My question would be: Does a darker room make you want to sleep more? Research: I would search on Google, people who have trouble falling asleep, and see if it says anything about the room condition. I would then search the effects of a room color and see what is said. I would also research what the meaning of certain colors are. Then I would email a Chemistry professor at USF and ask his/her opinion of my theory: The color of the room could affect one's sleeping. Hypothesis: A darker room allows one to sleep for longer periods of time, without waking up. Or colors that represent peace or tranquility will allow people to sleep longer. Experiment: Have a partner present, and have them sleep in a room that is painted white. Record how

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