Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Risk

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The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Risk: What All Parents Should Know to Protect Both Their Born and Unborn Children. Western International University Debi Rice Utilizing Information in College Writing Submitted 5/14/2006 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome In recent years 7 infants to every 1,000 born will die before they reach one year of age due to SIDS. This number has been greatly reduced but not eliminated. There is currently no way of entirely preventing this. There are, however; preventative measures that can and should be taken to greatly reduce the risk. In this paper we will examine the various risks associated with SIDS; then we will discuss the preventative measures that can be taken. First however we should explain what SIDS…show more content…
Upon the labor and delivery of your child, you are filled with such awe and amazement at this small helpless little child who you have created. You take the silent oath deep in your heart to never let any harm come to the little baby whom has taken your breath away. No matter when you take that child home from the hospital you will want to know what to ask the doctors regarding the child’s risks. According to the Health Centers Online (2003) here is a list of questions a parent should ask: 1. Does my baby have an increased risk of SIDS? If so, why? 2. What can I do to prevent SIDS? 3. I always put my baby to sleep on his/her back. How can I be sure others who look after my baby will do the same? 4. Are there times when stomach sleeping is safe for my baby? 5. Will smoking in the house harm my baby? Will it increase my baby’s risk of SIDS? 6. What can I do about the flat spot my baby gets from sleeping on his/her back? 7. My baby can now roll over onto his or her stomach during sleep. Should I return he or she back over? 8. Is it safe to take our baby to bed with…show more content…
If you know some one who has gone through SIDS or you have there is information available other than what has been presented here. There is the National SIDS/ Infant Death Resource Center ;( ) this site will help to understand SIDS; it also has helpful advice to bereaved families. There is the American Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Institute ;( this site will also help to understand SIDS, it to has helpful advice to the bereaved families and how to help. If you are looking for more information or ways to help either of these organizations welcome your support. If by chance you care to look there is a link to the memorial pages, you can see all of the pain that comes with SIDS. Many parents who looked forward to their child’s future now proudly share their grief and their memories. Every parent looks forward to watching their child grow and prosper. In light of the sadness affiliated with SIDS, be assured that there is hope for the future. Hope that soon a cure will be found or an early detection method discovered. Hope that your child will not become a statistic. Be assured that you are doing everything that you can to protect your child, read this and read more related to this. Keep up-to-date on new research. Not every child can be saved but with a fair attempt on the parents’ behalf we will be lucky to watch our children

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