Erik Erikson Essay

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Erik Erikson Erik Erikson had a very good theory. This theory is called the stages of development. His model consisted of the eight stages of human development. The model of the psychosocial development is a very significant and meaningful concept. Life is a series of challenges and lessons that help us to grow. This theory of Erikson’s is helpful for child development and adults too. Secondly, the first stage out of these eight is Trust V. Mistrust. This stage is when the child is an infant begins to form the relationship with the mother. Feeding and being comforted, teething and sleeping happen in this stage. The second stage is Autonomy V. Shame and Doubt. When the child reaches this stage it is known to be a toddler. It will form a relationship with the mother and father. During this stage the toddler will have the issues of bodily functions, toilet training, muscular control, and walking. The third stage is when the child starts preschool. They will form a relationship with their family and explore, discover, play and have an adventure. This stage is called Initiative V. Guilt. Moreover, the fourth stage is Industry V. inferiority. This life stage is schoolchild. The child will form a relationship with the teachers, friends, and neighbors. Their issues will be the achievements and accomplishments. The Fifth stage is when the child is an adolescent. They learn to become a grown up and to have relationship with peers and groups. This is called Identity V. Role Confusion. The Sixth stage is Intimacy V. Isolation. The young adult begins to have lovers and intimate relationships. They have work and a social life. Finally, in the seventh stage the mid-adult start to have children and form a relationship with the people in the community. This stage is called generatively V. Stagnation. The last stage of this development is called Integrity V. Despair. This
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