Eriksons Timeline Essay

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Erikson’s Timeline PSY/203 February 20, 2011 Erikson’s Timeline Brief explanation of Erikson’s eight stages of life. The first stage of Erikson’s eight stages of life is trust verses mistrust. During this stage the infant develops a bond which links him or her to their care providers and establishes a sense of security in the world. Stage two known as autonomy versus shame and doubt, is when a toddler begins to form a sense of an autonomous self. Next, is stage three initiative versus guilt parallels Freud’s phallic stage, describes young children as struggling with dynamics of power and sexuality. According to Erikson’s he describes the third stage as children “on the make,” as they vigorously seek to make the world cohere to their own, sometimes egocentric, wants and viewpoints. The fourth of the eight stages industry versus inferiority signifies a child movement into a more open world of socialization, that is, in schooling. Although, developing their skills in using tools and the emergence of social roles is of significant importance during this stage. In stage five according to Erikson adolescence ushers, identity versus role confusion forms. The emergence of genital sexuality, advent of formal operational thinking, and rising cultural expectations concerning this stage of in the lifespan, adolescents initially confront the psychosocial questions of “Who I am?” and “How do I fit into the adult world?” While stage six of intimacy versus isolation depends on if an individual has successfully consolidated an identity in stage five. Assuming he or she has, the young adult is now ready to seek and form long term bonds with others, either in marriage or long term commitments. Once Erikson’s Timeline a person has a solution for intimacy he or she is then psychosocially ready to address the
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