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ASSIGNMENT 001 TASK B; i) Britain is a diverse and inclusive society. Choose 2 different cultural, social or ethnic groups and describe how you would celebrate their different beliefs, traditions, customs and festivals in everyday practices within the childcare environment (O2.1) Different cultural groups, their beliefs, traditions, customs and festivals could be celebrated in the childcare environment by, for example, display boards exhibiting the different religions and names and dates of festivals. The Hindu festival of light, Diwali, is celebrated on the day of the New Moon in the month of ’Kartika’. Children can be involved in helping to decorate the nursery with decorations that they have made, a simple tasting session and reading books to with Hinduism and Diwali. An activity for 2-3 year olds could be brightly decorating simple old yoghurt pots with their own personal bold style. I would show them one I’d previously made and give them idea, then give them brightly coloured paints, glitter and coloured card and paper. They could create their own design. These decorations could then be hung up on the wall or from the ceiling. Another activity for the children could be involved in a session tasting the many different foods of the cultural groups making them aware of the diversity. I would arrange little pieces of food including, ‘mithai’, an Indian sweet made from thickened milk, freshly grated coconut (or carrots or white pumpkin), cardamom, nutmeg, nuts and raisins and are shaped into colourful squares and rounds. Savoury and sweet snacks like crisp poories (deep-fried poppadom-like breads) and crescent moon-shaped pasties, known as 'ghugara', stuffed with fresh coconut, raisins, nuts and spices. I would also let the children taste a simple curry. With the tasting session I would have to take into account children’s allergies and dislikes, no

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