Zoser, Khufu, And Ramses: The Mightiest Pharaohs

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Zoser, Khufu, and Ramses the Second where considered to be the Mightiest Pharaohs. Starting with zoser and the step pyramid, which for at the time was a gigantic achievement. No other structure at the time could surpass it. Next was Khufu, and the great pyramid of Giza. Giza was so grand it was said that it was a staircase to the sun. Finally Ramses temple, which surpassed all of the other Pharaohs temples. All of these Pharaohs changed Egypt in the way that they lived, but these three were the ones that brought the most change through their lives and actions. Zoser was the first King of the third dynasty. During his 19 year reign he brought the end to a seven year famine, and also brought them into a golden age, and he built the step pyramid.…show more content…
This pyramid remains as one of the seven wonders of the world. This pyramid took at least 20 years to build, the pyramids architect was Hemiunu who was also known as Khufu’s vizier because of this he was the most powerful man besides Khufu. The pyramid of Giza was also believed to be a stairway into heaven. (7) . The base of the pyramid covers 13.1 acres, and it rises to a height of 481.4ft. However the top 31 ft is missing. The pyramid is composed of about 2,300,00 blocks each weighing half a ton. It was covered in tura limestone coating, and a capstone. However both of these are gone due to time. The pyramid also had two changes one was the construction of a Grand Gallery and the other a temple. Nothing in Egypt has ever been more surveyed/measured. (5) Because of the massive size of the pyramid this showed that he had a lot of ability to command and mobilize a worker. This pyramid was also not built by slave labor but the project was from defrayed taxes which were paid in the forms of service. One of the more interesting things about the pyramid is that Khufu did not choose the highest spot to build a pyramid rather his son Khafre choose that spot, this made his pyramid look bigger than Khufu’s (6). Giza is different than other pyramids because its sides where smooth (not steps). It was also different in that the north face north and the west side faced west etc… it also had two entrances one was 55ft above ground while…show more content…
However not only did he build them he even had his named written on earlier monuments built by other pharaohs. One of the many building he built was the Hall of columns and obelisks. He was closely identified with the sun god, Ra. He even made statues of himself that where 67 ft high and had 25 ft long all together it weighed 1,200 tons. (8) He also ordered the construction of a new capitol which was named Pi-Ramses A-nakhtu or “The Domain of Ramses Great victories.” It has almost disappeared today but they did find it. The israelites also helped build the city. They did a lot of the brick making, and Ramses boasted of the kindness he gave to them but the Bible notes that he was bitter. (8) He also changed Egypt by making peace with the Hittites who his father Seti was battling. He made peace with them by marrying one of his daughters. (9) He finally changed Egypt by early on in his reign he undertook the task of securing an adequate water supply for the gold mining expeditions.

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