Khufu's Pyramid Essay

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Subject: Khufu’s Pyramid, Architect unknown, located in El Giza Tentative Title: Internal Arrangements of Khufu’s Pyramid at Giza Description: The great Pyramids of Giza are widely recognized buildings in the history of the world. Being one of the Seven Wonders of the World the Pyramids intrigued me specifically to research Khufu’s pyramid. This pyramid was the first of the three to be constructed and is also the largest. The three pyramids are all aligned diagonally and face northeast. Khufu’s pyramid faces north entirely followed by the other two. This pyramid is most famous of the three for many reasons. Standing at its original size of “482 feet high on a plan that’s 760 feet square” (Trachtenberg and Hyman 65) the structure has extremely detailed internal arrangements consisting of three different chambers. My research will mainly focus on the internal arrangements of the pyramid. Archeological evidence shows that the bottom chamber was abandoned, while the second was named the queens chamber. The third and final chamber is called the kings chamber and it is located at the center of the pyramid. The Egyptians were known as the masters of megalithic construction. It is still a mystery today, including a lot of the other megalithic constructions such as Stonehenge, how a pyramid of this size and weight could have been created. The research will also cover the advance technology that was used to create this massive structure without machines of mass power. Many researchers theorize that there might have been external ramps and cranes to lift the blocks that weighed 2.5 to 15 tons each. Others theorize that there would have only been the use of ramps, and that the stones would have been hauled up. Another mystery of this pyramid is its perfect geometrical alignments. This pyramid has the “designed geometry of an equal lateral triangle and a 52-degree incline”

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