The Luxor Temple

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The Luxor Temple The Luxor Temple is a lesser temple to the temple of Karnak which is easily one of the biggest temples in the Valley of the Kings. These temples were shrines dedicated to the greatest of all the Pharaohs. Amon Ra or as some people simply call him the Sun God for that reason. These great temples are located in the famous Valley of the Kings and the Luxor temple is fairly large but is very small compared to the Karnak temple which is over 100,000 square feet! These temples were not only dedicated to Amon Ra and his family but they also had giant statues showing tribute to Ramses as well. The Karnak and Luxor temples both had areas of Heliopolis which are areas where intelligent people go to talk to other intelligent people. Most of the intelligent people were scribes. Most, if not all, of the writing on the walls and halls of the Karnak and Luxor Temples were engraved by scribes. They were paid more and were highly educated compared to everyone else in Egypt except the Pharaohs and other Scribes. There are very famous and special areas inside these temples. One of which is Hypostyle Hall which is a hall inside of the Karnak Temple, Hypostyle Hall is a hall with Hieroglyphics everywhere and was made by Ramses. A very interesting fact about the Karnak temple is that it is very religious. It is in fact the largest religious area in ancient Egypt. Another interesting fact is that every Pharaoh adds something to the Karnak Temple. We don’t know exactly how the Luxor temple got its name but we do have some guesses on how it did get its name. One reason is because of where it is located on the stretch of the Nile. The Luxor Temple is located on the river and the water gets much more noticeably darker and it gets darker right after the end of the Karnak temple. Most archeologist still don’t know what its name
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