Pyramids Of Giza

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The Pyramids of Giza was built in 2570 BC which is 4578 years ago, by the ancient Egyptians. It’s located at Cairo, Egypt in Africa. The pyramid of Giza was 146.6m tall, because the top stone of the pyramid was stolen and erosion, the pyramid is now 138.8m tall. Each side of the pyramid was 231m long and covered 53000 square metres, and the pyramid also has a slope of 51°. The pyramid is also the tallest man made structure for over 3800 years, and was later surpassed by Lincoln cathedral. The pyramid is a tomb built for the fourth dynasty Egyptian king Khufu, and that is why the pyramid of Giza is also called Khufu’s pyramid or the pyramid of Khufu. Khufu was remembered as a very ruthless king, but he is also remembered as the builder of the pyramid. The pyramid was built just under 30 years, used about 2 million blocks of stone, each blocks weigh 2.5 tons, and how did they move them from 500 miles away? Well a lot of people belief that sloping ramps built out of mud, stone, and wood were used as transportation. A lot of people believe the pyramid was built by slaves. That is one version, and the other version is that one hundred thousand people work on it every day for three month for each year. This was the time of the Nile's annual flood which made it impossible for the Egyptians to farm, so they started to work for their king.

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